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Most people don’t realize they have some form of hearing loss until they take a hearing test—or until they’re fitted with custom hearing aids and realize what they’ve been missing! At Scott Wilson Hearing Aids, we know that it can be difficult to accept hearing loss. It's why we work with South Jersey residents to budget.

From helping you understand the ramifications of your hearing loss, to providing you with hearing aid accessories that align with your lifestyle, we go above and beyond to bring you comfort and peace of mind.

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You aren't alone in your hearing loss

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University have discovered that about 48 million people experience hearing loss in at least one ear. That’s 20% of the population! This same study found that about 30 million Americans (12.7% of the population) have measurable hearing loss in both ears. If you’re among either group, know that you’re not alone.

The key to living with hearing loss and preventing it from continuing to deteriorate is to find individual solutions for treating it. You may be one of millions with hearing loss, but you’re unique. You need to work with a specialist to get the custom hearing aids and hearing products you need to thrive.

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Hearing Aid Specialist

You need to address hearing loss

Hearing loss won’t go away on its own. In fact, without proper treatment, it’ll get worse. It's why we encourage South Jersey residents to visit us as soon as possible, so they can start discovering hearing aid products and solutions designed to help them! How important is it to treat hearing loss as early as possible? The facts speak for themselves:

  • Only one in five people who need a hearing aid actually wear one
  • 10 million Americans suffer from noise-induced hearing loss annually
  • Age-related hearing decline can start at as early as 40 years of age
  • As many as 65% of people with hearing loss are below retirement age

Discover Hearing Aid Solutions

Scott Wilson Hearing Aids strives to provide custom hearing aids and hearing aid accessories to individuals with hearing loss. Let us help you embrace your hearing health and make positive decisions that preserve it. Reach us today at 877-924-3477 to discuss your situation and to get the help you deserve.

Put Your Hearing Health First

Hearing loss affects more than your ability to hear—it affects your holistic health and wellbeing. Contact us today to get started on your journey to better aural health.

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