Online Hearing Test

A hearing test is important for determining if you have hearing loss and to what degree. But before you schedule an appointment with an audiologist in South Jersey, it’s worth taking a free hearing test online, in the form of a questionnaire. This will help you determine, as a baseline, if you need to seek help or talk to someone at Scott Wilson Hearing Aids about heating aid products.

Hearing Questions

A hearing test is meant to gauge the overall health of your hearing, including the level of any hearing loss you might be experiencing. You can perform a simple hearing test at home by asking yourself the following questions.

These questions seem obvious, but most people don’t really realize these issues until they stop and take a moment to think about them. It can be an eye-opening realization, but a necessary one.

Did you answer yes to these questions?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, we recommend you schedule a hearing test and consultation with Scott Wilson Hearing Aids. We’ll help you gauge the level of hearing loss you’re experiencing and make sure you have access to the hearing aid products you need. Reach us today at 877-924-3477 for more information. We welcome appointments at our South Jersey locations in Bridgeton, Medford, Whiting, Bordentown, and Hammonton.

Put Your Hearing Health First

Hearing loss affects more than your ability to hear—it affects your holistic health and wellbeing. Contact us today to get started on your journey to better aural health.

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