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Welcome to Scott Wilson Hearing Aids

Hearing allows people to connect to the world around them and whether it's a business meeting or the dinner table every word is precious. At Scott Wilson Hearing Aids we fit the individual not just the hearing loss. Whether you're a professional looking for better communication with your clients, or a grandparent looking to hear your little ones, we can help. 

A Different Experience

The average person has hearing loss for 7 years before seeking help. At Scott Wilson Hearing Aids we understand how intimidating it can be when you need hearing help. Our approach keeps you informed and comfortable at every step. Less pressure, better results, and a fantastic experience.

About us

When it comes to fitting and servicing hearing aids, you will find that we are superior in every way.

Remember, who you choose for your hearing healthcare makes a difference and we have the reputation of getting results.

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Our free, no-obligation, two-week trial allows you to hear the difference we can make in your life without any upfront cost. 


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Our free, no obligation, two week trial allows you to hear the difference we can make in your life without any upfront cost. We will evaluate your hearing and help you choose the model that best fits your budget as well as the lifestyle you enjoy. We will fit you with the latest in hearing technology and personalize it to suit your needs in all the environments you find yourself. We will monitor your progress and make adjustments to keep you hearing to the best of your ability. When all this is finished, if you aren't completely satisfied with your hearing aids, you can return them without any restocking fees. You have nothing to lose and better hearing to gain.

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You can schedule a free hearing evaluation at any one of our five convenient locations: Medford, Whiting, Bridgeton, Columbus, and Hammonton, NJ. 

A world of sound awaits.

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