The Benefits of Treating Hearing Loss

The Benefits of Treating Hearing Loss

It might not come as any surprise that treating hearing loss can improve your ability to communicate. Those who live without treatment often experience conversations like putting together a jigsaw puzzle of sounds without all the pieces. Only catching random syllables here and there, they struggle to understand what others are saying, particularly in a crowded room with background noise. The direct benefit of getting treatment is that this frustrating process of trying to understand can transform into the fluid speech you remember from the days before hearing loss occurred. 

Did you know there are other benefits, as well? Let’s take a look at a few of the other benefits of treating hearing loss that might come as more of a surprise. When you see the vast array of benefits, it should serve as even more encouragement to take the plunge into the world of hearing assistance. 

Psychological Benefits

Those who have untreated hearing loss have higher rates of depression and anxiety, on average. Many think that these conditions can be a direct result of hearing loss itself. When you are struggling to communicate with others, the inability to connect can feel like a profound loss in your life. Not only are there everyday frustrations in the struggle to hear, but feeling emotionally close to others can become a challenge. Beyond these feelings of disconnection, some people take it a step further and tend to socially isolate themselves. Rather than engaging in the frustrating process of trying to communicate, these feelings of anxiety can make it seem easier to disengage from the social world altogether. When we are socially isolated, depression can easily seep into our psychology. On the contrary, getting treatment for hearing loss can not only improve communication, but can make it more appealing to engage with the social world, promoting better mental health.

Cognitive Benefits

In addition to these benefits for the “mind,” the “brain” also experiences better health as a result of hearing loss treatment. Although researchers continue to seek to understand the connection, there is a strong correlation between untreated hearing loss and cognitive decline, including dementia. It seems that there is something about the struggle to communicate that makes the brain struggle to function in other ways. Those who have untreated hearing loss demonstrate not only a higher rate of dementia, but they also show a faster decline once the condition sets in. The good news is that getting treatment in the form of hearing aids seems to erase this statistical relationship. Those who wear hearing aids appear to be no different from those who don’t have hearing loss at all, when it comes to their likelihood of developing dementia. 

Workplace Benefits

Beyond these mental and cognitive benefits, our performance at work is much improved by getting treatment for hearing loss. As you might imagine, the struggle to communicate can make many jobs difficult to perform, including any front-facing employment that engages with the public. However, more occupations require communication ability than you might think. Even in jobs that focus on manual labor, artisanal craftsmanship, or physical processes, the ability to respond to instructions and pass along information to others is a crucial component. The difference in workplace performance is so profound that those who get treatment for hearing loss even show better wages, on average, than those who let their hearing loss persist. 

Beyond all of these benefits, many who get treatment for hearing loss report a renewed love of life through fresh engagement with the sounding world. They are better able to experience the richness of nature and the voices of loved ones in conversation. With these many benefits in mind, why not take this opportunity to schedule a hearing test? 

Those who have hearing loss will benefit from a proper diagnosis, and those who do not have hearing loss can use this reading as a baseline for future needs. The test is easy, quick, and completely painless, and you can think of a hearing exam as the first step in the direction of reaping these many benefits. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!