Scott Wilson Hearing Aids

Evaluation for Hearing Aids

If you hear but have trouble understanding words, if people seem to mumble, if you have a hard time understanding words in noisy situations, if you play your TV too loud and are getting complaints, the first step is to have your hearing tested. When you arrive at our office we will ask you to fill out a case history that will help us determine how much your hearing problem impacts your day-to-day life as well as the lives of your family and friends. After completing your case history we will give you a comprehensive hearing evaluation, and then provide you with an explanation of the our findings.

The results from your hearing test will determine how much of a hearing loss you have, the type of hearing loss you have and most importantly how well you will understand words using proper amplification. This will determine what style of hearing aids will be best suited for your individual hearing loss. Remember, its not about hearing louder, it’s about hearing clearer!

Together we will help you choose the appropriate hearing aids that will accommodate your individual needs, budget and lifestyle. After making your choice, we will personalize your hearing aids so they will sound very natural and you will hear very clearly.  

We always give our patients a free two-week trial with no upfront payment required. You will have the opportunity to try your new hearing aids to make sure you are completely satisfied with them. If you decide to return them, it costs you nothing and we don’t charge a restocking fee. Don’t worry, we fit hearing aids properly so you will be successful and you will be satisfied.

Where you get your hearing aids matters! Take advantage of our years of experience, the amazing technology that is now available, our free trial and the outstanding service you will receive from Scott Wilson Hearing Aids! We look forward to hearing from you soon.