Hearing Loss Signs

Check your hearing loss symptoms in the Medford, NJ region

Here are a few common symptoms. Contact New Jersey’s Scott Wilson Hearing Aids if any of the following descriptions sound like you:

You ask people to repeat themselves.
You miss information during work meetings.
You crank up the TV or radio volume to excessive levels.
You find it difficult to follow rapid conversations or ones held in a noisy environment.
You think people mumble their words or speak too quietly, particularly women and children.
You have difficulty hearing voices on the phone.
You frequently feel irritated or depressed and avoid social situations you once enjoyed.

Medford, NJ: Improve your confidence and happiness

Studies have shown that improving your hearing can have numerous benefits to both your personal and professional life. Better hearing will enable you to perform better at work, have closer relationships with family members and boost your confidence.

Let Scott Wilson Hearing Aids empower you to live a better life. Call any of our five locations in New Jersey to schedule your free consultation and hearing test!

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